ShinJu X Air-Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Product Description

Our Shin Ju X air-gel memory foam mattresses feature an all foam mattress topped with a super cool Air-Gel Memory Foam layer. Unlike normal gel memory foam, where gel is added into "normal" memory foam, we add gel into "air" memory foam which makes our mattresses much cooler and softer. The sides of the mattresses also features a "breathable" side fabric which is more breathable than normal mattress fabrics, providing better dispersion of body heat while sleeping.

Product Details

 Sizes Queen (152*190*20cm) | King (182*190*20cm)
First Layer 2.5cm Air-Gel Memory Foam
Second Layer 5cm Gel Soft Regular Foam
Bottom Layer 12.5cm Hard Base Foam

1. Super cool air-gel memory foam top. 

2. Breathable Side Fabric (More breathable than normal fabric. Better dispersion of body heat.)

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