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CT8305 Table - Free Delivery

Product Description

Inspired by Eric Pfeiffer, "Scando"

Interesting Facts:

  • Inspired by both Japanese living and long hours of observing how children relate to the floor in their daily activities.
  • Designer Eric Pfeiffer created a table that engages children and accommodates their diverse activities, while addressing the needs of adults who want their furniture elegant, expertly crafted, and multi-functional.
  • The low casual stature of the table gives older kids an inviting space to gather around.


Product Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: W690 x D360 x H410 mm
  • Material: American Walnut Plywood 


Shipping Information:
Delivery: Between 3 to 7 working days
ETA (when product is out-of-stock): Estimated arrival duration of 40 to 60 days




    Mag Table (dimensions)


    Product Close-Ups

    Mag TableMag Table (front)Mag Table (side) Mag Table (close-up)Mag Table (top)Mag Table (handle)Mag Table (thickness)Mag Table (close-up)

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