Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you have a showroom?

A: Yes, our showroom is located at IMM #03-24. We have sofas, dining sets, case goods and mattress in our showroom.

Q: Which number can I call?

A: Our IMM showroom number is 6565 7132. 

Q: Can I see sample of office chairs in your showroom?

A: You can view samples of J24, M18, M19 & M21 at IMM #03-24. J21, M01, M08, M28 & M57 at Challenger Changi City Point.

Q: Can I try out the office chair in your collection center?

A: No, our collection center is a warehouse, all chairs are in boxes.

Q: Can I cash & carry at your collection center?

A: Cash & Carry is only possible if you have problem paying online and we have ready stock of the item you want. All purchases should be made online, if you really have problem paying online please contact cs@inkagu.com to arrange another mode of payment, such as Nets or Credit Card, at our collection center.


Q: I sent an email last night, how come no reply?

A: We do our best to reply within the same business day or next business day, our office hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 


Q: Where is the leg cover?

A: For metal leg models, the leg cover is attached at the center of the metal leg, from bottom up. Please remove it and install from top down before you put the seat on. Please note that Nylon leg does not have leg cover, the cover is only applicable to Metal leg models, it is used to cover the welding joint. 

Q: The chair screw holes are misaligned, I can't install how?

A: This is not a quality issue. As stated in the instruction manual, it is important that you don't tighten all the screws first until all parts are connected. The armrest is used to secure the backrest and seat cushion together,  so it is designed to have some tension. If you tighten the screws on one side and try to connect another side will be difficult.

Q: Some of the screws are too short, how ah?

A: Please read the instruction manual carefully during installation, what type of screw to use is stated for each step. If you use the wrong screws you may end up with this problem.


Q: I have placed an order, what is the ETA?

A: ETA is 2 to 3 months for sofa, dining, cabinets & mattress. ETA is 3 to 8 weeks for most other products like office chair, luggage, pillow, etc. Please read the ETA section on each product page.

Q: How can I track my order?

A: We use consolidated shipping to reduce the cost so we can provide the best products and services with the best price. Tracking is only available after the stock arrive in Singapore and is picked up by NinjaVan for delivery to your address. You will receive email notification once the item is picked up by NinjaVan, a tracking ID will be provided in that email. You will be able to track the delivery at www.ninjavan.sg with the tracking ID provided.

Q: Can you expedite my order? I need my chair urgently, I can pay more.

A: We do our best to deliver as soon as possible, it is in both our interest and the customer's, there is no reason and no benefit for us to delay the delivery.

Q: Why is the ETA so long?

A: Most of our products are made to order, due to large number of variants like colour, size, model etc., we can't keep stock of all product variants. Warehousing, manpower, maintenance and many other factors will drive the cost sky high and our product prices will have to be 3 to 5 times more expensive. So we are trying to save money for all our customers by consolidated shipping and minimal stocking.


Q: Do you provide free delivery?

A: We provide free delivery for some of the products. Please refer to each product page to find out whether delivery is free or not. You can purchase delivery service for office chairs & luggages at $9.90 per item. Some products will have option for you to chose whether to include delivery or not. Delivery charge is $100 per trip for large items like sofa, dining etc. 

Q: Do you deliver to Malaysia?

A: We deliver within Singapore only.

Q: I have made an order earlier, how can I add delivery service now?  

A: For office chair and luggage, you can purchase the delivery service separately. Delivery service can be found in the respective product category, remember to input your previous order number in the notes when you purchase the delivery service. For other products please contact cs@inkagu.com. 

Q: Can I choose delivery time?

A: For large items like sofa, our customer service will call you to arrange delivery date and time once the stock arrives. For small items like office chair we use NinjaVan to deliver, NinjaVan will deliver the item within 3 days after it is picked up from our collection center. You will receive email notification once the item is picked up by NinjaVan, a tracking ID will be provided in that email. You will be able to track the delivery at www.ninjavan.sg with the tracking ID provided.

Q: I purchased one office chair with free delivery, can you deliver the other items together free of charge as well?

A: Sorry we can't. NinjaVan charge deliver per item, unless you purchase small item, like chopstick, which can be packed inside the box of another item.

Q: I want to order large quantity, do you provide free delivery.

A: Please refer to the delivery service page of each product category to find out the minimum quantity required to entitle for free delivery.

Q: Do you deliver to office address?

A: Yes we do, except certain areas like Jurong island, airport terminals, ship yard etc. which has restricted access.

Q: How can I change my delivery schedule with NinjaVan?

A:  Please contact NinjaVan with your tracking ID, contact information can be found on their website www.ninjavan.sg

Q: What happens if I'm not home when NinjaVan deliver the item?

A: NinjaVan will contact you and reschedule the delivery with you.

Q: Can I pay upon delivery? 

A: No, full payment must be made before delivery.

Q: I received an email from NinjaVan, stating that they have picked up the chairs from you. What does this mean? Do they deliver today or what?

A: You can track your delivery at www.ninjavan.sg using the tracking ID provided in that email. 


Q: Where is your collection center?

A: Our collection center is at 25 Tagore Lane #03-02, Singapore 787602. Please click HERE to see more details.

Q: What time can I collect?

A: Our collection center is open for collection from 11am to 6pm on Saturdays. Collection on weekdays is by appointment only, please email to cs@inkagu.com to make an appointment.

Q: Do you have trolley at your collection center?

A: No we don't have trolley there, please bring your own trolley if you are collecting multiple items.

Q: I am in the building lift lobby, but the door is locked, how ah?

A: Please take the lift back to basement carpark and use the service lift at the other end of the carpark. DO NOT USE the passenger lift near the carpark entrance, because the lift lobby door will be locked during weekend.

Q: I went to your collection center on Friday but no one is there, WTF?

A: We are open for collection on weekend only, if you want to collect during weekdays please email to cs@inkagu.com to make an appointment. 

Q: If I come to collect the item that comes with free delivery, can you give me discount?

A: Sorry we can't.

Q: Can you assemble the chair for me before I come to collect?

A: Sorry we don't provide assembly service.

Q: Can I ask someone else to collect for me?

A: Yes, please make sure the person collecting on your behalf has the order confirmation email.

Q: Can I collect my order 3 months later? My house is renovating.

A: We do our best to keep the item as long as we can, but we have very limited space at our collection center. If item is not collected 1 month after it is ready, we may shift it to self storage warehouse if we are running out of space and a storage fee of $5 per day will be charged. Items not collected after 2 months will be given to other customers, unless you make a request for us to keep it longer.