Anti-Aging Super Cool Tencel® Fitted Bedsheet & Bedsheet Set with Anti-Bedbug Protection

[2PC BEDSHEET SET - SINGLE/SUPER SINGLE ONLY] NocheNoche's Anti-Aging Zinc-Oxide Super Cool Tencel® Bedsheet with Anti-Bedbug & Anti-Bacterial Protection

Product Details

Our fitted sheets give you premium soft comfort while protecting your mattress without you even realising it. This 2-piece bedsheet set includes a bedsheet plus one pillow cover (pillow cover size: 70cm x 50cm). Applicable for Single & Super Single sizes only.

The bi-elasticity in our fitted bedsheets ensures smooth, always fitting, rumple-free fit up to 25cm and 43cm mattress thickness.

Bedsheet comes in four size offerings with two types of mattress thickness (25cm & 43cm):

  • Single Size : 91cm x 191cm
  • Super Single : 107cm x 191cm
  • Queen : 152cm x 191cm
  • King : 183cm x 191cm 
Weight 0.94 kg
Packed Dimensions 25.5 x 7.4 x 31.4 cm


What's so Special about Noche Noche's Fitted Bedsheets?

Waterproof Fitted Bedsheets, Pillow Cases & Travel Pillows by Noche Noche - Exclusively Available at IMM Mall Level 3

A good-quality mattress is a worthy but hefty investment. Prolong the effectiveness of your mattress by safeguarding it against accidental liquid spills, sweat and other bodily fluids. 

Likewise, a good-quality pillow is a worthy and sometimes medically-required hefty investment. Prolong the effectiveness of your mattress and pillow by safeguarding it against accidental liquid spills, sweat and other bodily fluids.

Through the use of Noche Noche's products, you will effectively reduce the chances of bacteria, mould and mildew from thriving in a moist and dark environment.

Come, see and feel the technology of NocheNoche's high-tech bedsheets at Inkagu's showroom @ IMM Outlet Mall Level 3 today. Money back guaranteed!

Main Features

Here's some next-level features that's unique to Noche Noche Products  that will set you thinking about what you really want from your bed & pillow-coverings - a mere patterned cloth layer that protects your mattress & pillows partially? Or much more?



Noche Noche's patented technology in a skin-like membrane found in bedsheets & pillow cases that keeps them protected, remains breathable, and comes stretchable and form-fitting.

The stretchable material allows easy covering, brings comfort, and free you from the troubles of bedbugs, dustmites and lices by keeping your mattress & pillows dry yet breathable.

Awards & Certifications

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