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ジェームズ Jemuzu Takoreza-Leather Solid Wood King Bed (ITG-29B-K-D.GREY) - Free Delivery



Product Details

Dimensions (King Bed): Inner Size: L192 x W183 cm
Materials (Bed Frame): Upholstered in Takoreza Leather
Materials (Structure): Standard Solid LVL Wood Bed Slats
Color: Dark Grey
Package Details:
Packing: Flat-packed packaging
Content: Package contains everything essential for assembling the bed. Mattress is not included.
Additional Assembly Support:
If you require additional aid in assembling the product, click on the Bed Assembly Ticket on the left to add it to cart. 


Jemuzu Takoreza Leather Solid Wood Bed, simply functional.

Natural Wood - One obvious and distinct characteristic of natural wood is the variation of color and grain patterns.

Jēmuzu bed slatsJēmuzu


No rough surfaces or finger-pricking wooden splinters

JēmuzuJēmuzuJēmuzuJēmuzuJēmuzuJēmuzu (pack)Jēmuzu


Notice 360° of each bedframe pieces are properly taken care of, protecting the inner layer from dust and moisture, extending the furniture's lifespan.



Front and Side Views

Jēmuzu bare bedframeJēmuzu bedframe (side)


Unpacking the Bed

The Bedframe comes packed in 3 boxes - A, B, C

Jēmuzu (pack)


Unboxing the packs, revealing (from top to bottom, left to right) the Headboard, tools and hardware packs (including bed legs), sideboards and bed-end, & the pack of bed slats.

Jēmuzu (unpacked)


Installing of bedframe

Attaching the legs to the Bed-end and Headboard, after inserting the wooden dowels

Jēmuzu bedframe


Hooking in the Sideboards to the Headboard/ Bed-end

Jēmuzu bedframeJēmuzu bedframe


Screwing in the U-shaped support piece to both Headboard & Bed-end, before slotting in the support pole into the U-shaped piece.



After deciding on (and adjusting, if needed) the location of the TWO leg supports, place/screw in the screws into place. 

[TIP: Screwing in would be more convenient with an electrical screwdriver] 

Jēmuzu Jēmuzu


Untying and unrolling the bed slats, before fitting them evenly spaced-out on the bedframe.

[Note: The white vertical strips should be positioned downwards (facing the ground), not upwards as seen in the picture below.]



With aid of Allen Key, screw in the screws in the 6 holes found at the lengths of both sides of the bed slats.




Check these Mattresses out as well, and save your worries on mattresses not fitting in well with the bedframes, and for a better night's rest. 

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